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SC-239, Low Range Radar Altimeter

Established 2019
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SC-239, Low Range Radar Altimeter, was established by the Program Management Committee (PMC) on December 19, 2019. They will update the current Minimum Operational Performance Standard, DO-155, for Low Range Radar Altimeters. The group will be focused on protecting future Radar Altimeters from existing and planned IN BAND and OUT OF BAND interferences.  This committee will operate as a joint committee with a new EUROCAE working group and will update DO-155 to be a technically equivalent document with ED-30 supporting a TSO/ETSO.


Co-ChairJean-Luc RobinAirbus
Co-ChairSeth FrickHoneywell International
Government Authorized RepresentativeBarbara ClarkFederal Aviation Administration
SecretarySai KalyanaramanCollins Aerospace
Program DirectorRebecca MorrisonRTCA, Inc.
Alt Program DirectorKaran HofmannRTCA, Inc.

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For additional meeting summaries, please contact the Program Director: Rebecca Morrison

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