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2023 Joint RTCA and EUROCAE Aviation Summit: Future Connectivity

EUROCAE and RTCA organized a joint virtual summit  in October, Aviation Summit: Future Connectivity. This virtual summit brought together leading experts and stakeholders from the aviation industry to address the pivotal topic of datalink communication in aviation.

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the significance of efficient and secure communication through data becomes increasingly apparent. The “Aviation Summit: Future Connectivity ” served as a strategic platform for industry players to address the challenges, advancements, and opportunities presented by datalink technology in modern aviation.

Click here to watch.

RTCA Webinars

The complimentary webinar series features talks and interviews with thought leaders, panel discussions with subject matter experts, committee awards and short Tech Talks on transformational topics. Past topics have included Spectrum/5G, Human Factors, Cybersecurity, UAS/UAM/AAM, Airport Infrastructure, Commercial Space and more.  Registration is required for the webinars, but there is no fee to attend.


  • FAA Administrator (acting) Billy Nolen joins RTCA’s Terry McVenes for a conversation on 2023 priorities. WATCH

  • Advanced Air Mobility Part I: The Evolution of AAM – Brandon Suarez, VP of UAS Integration of Reliable Robotics, Brett Feddersen, President of AcceleratUM and Fabrice Kunzi, COO of SkyGrid participate in a discussion on how the different operational modes affect design, avionics choices, approvals and certifications in AAM. Panelists discuss meeting expectations of regulators, investors and more. WATCH.

  • Advanced Air Mobility Part II: Safety and Security in AAM – Brian Wynne, President and CEO of AUVSI, Juerg Frefel, Co-Founder/CTO of Reliable Robotics and others participate in the discussion. WATCH.

  • Part 3 of 3 in the AAM Series: As the industry moves closer to realizing AAM Systems as part of our airspace, manufacturers, customers and regulators are exploring how Operational Deployment will differ based on the initial Concept of Operations. Join us for a discussion on the different paths required for crewed, partially crewed and completely autonomous operations when moving from Concept of Operations to Operational Deployment. WATCH. 

  • Cybersecurity Update: Addressing the Challenges: Leading security experts from Aviation ISAC and other organizations discuss industry-wide efforts to address cybersecurity threats and solutions.  Patrick Morrissey from Collins Aerospace and Co-Chair of SC-216 – Aeronautical Systems Security provides the audience with an update on the current standards work by the committee and upcoming documents scheduled for release. WATCH. 

  • Learn more about FAA’s UAM ConOps 2.0. WATCH

More Webinars on Demand

Catch the webinars on demand! Topics include Stratospheric Operations, 5G Spectrum, Counter-UAS Measures, Commercial Space, AI in Aviation, Advanced Air Mobility, Aviation Safety and Global Aviation Priorities.
Webinars on Demand
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