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Next Webinar: January 21 - Stratospheric Operations

Nancy Graham, formerly of ICAO and now President of Graham Aerospace, presents a talk on Stratospheric Operations.  New air vehicles and High Altitude Platform Systems (HAPS) are advancing current operations in the national and international airspace everyday.  In addition to traditional aviation companies, non aviation companies are bringing new approaches and new financing to the high altitude sector.  The extremely advanced automation capabilities HAPS use are unlike what we have seen before in aviation.  Can the aviation community use this sector to create new models of human machine teaming?  What new skills, both from regulators and industry, may be needed to cooperatively manage this airspace?

The presentation concludes with a 10-minute Tech Talk by Stephen Timm, President of Collins Aerospace: The Contactless Passenger Journey.  Steve will discuss how the industry is coming together to implement solutions right now in airports for passenger safety – solutions that allow people to travel through an airport without touching anything. He’ll share a preview of technologies under development to add additional protection measures on a plane with things like touchless lavatories, antimicrobial seats and air handling systems. And Steve will talk about the last link to enabling increased travel – a way to validate our immunity when we board a plane heading to any city around the world.


Presenters: Stratospheric Operations & The Contactless Journey


Nancy Graham

President Graham Aerospace

Nancy Graham is the President of Graham Aerospace International, an independent consulting firm, which assists new entrants in aviation and…

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Stephen Timm

President Collins Aerospace

Stephen Timm is the president of Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies company. Collins is a global leader in aviation and…

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2021 Upcoming Webinars

  • Join us at 1pm ET on Thursday, January 21 for a free webinar: Stratospheric Operations by Nancy Graham of Graham Aerospace & a Tech Talk: The Contactless Passenger Journey by Stephen Timm, President of Collins Aerospace.  Register 

  • Join us at 1pm ET on Wednesday, February 17 for a free webinar. Di Reimold of FAA moderates a roundtable discussion on standards development.  Panelists include the Open Geospatial Consortium, RTCA and leading standards organizations including SAE. Registration details posted soon.

  • Join us at 1pm ET on Wednesday, March 17 for a free webinar. Author Shelby Scarbrough gives a talk on her latest book: Civility Rules. Registration details posted soon.

Planned 2021 Webinar Topics

Our monthly webinar series will feature aviation leaders from industry and government, Q&A sessions, technical content and more on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, February through December. Topics include:

Human Factors




Global Aviation


Webinars on Demand

Catch the 2020 webinars on demand! Topics included 5G Spectrum, Counter-UAS Measures, Commercial Space, AI in Aviation, Advanced Air Mobility, Aviation Safety and Global Aviation Priorities.
Webinars on Demand

On Demand Webinar: Interference Risk on Radar Altimeters from Planned 5G Telecommunication

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