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This is a list of upcoming meetings and, where available, links to agendas.  The public is welcome to observe RTCA committee plenary sessions.

June 2023

Jun 7-8 - SC-213 w/WG-79
Jun 12-16 - SC-223 w/WG-108
Jun 12-16 - SC-216 w/WG-72
Jun 15-16 - SC-238 w/WG-115
Jun 16 - SC-227 w/WG-85
Jun 22 - PMC
Jun 23 - SC-240 w/WG-117
Jun 26-30 - SC-206 w/WG-76
Jun 29 - SC-235
Jun 30 - SC-214 w/WG-92
Jun 30 - SC-217 w/WG-44

July 2023

Jul 5 - SC-159 w/WG-62
Jul 6 - SC-222 w/WG-82
Jul 10-14 - SC-214 w/WG-78
Jul 12 - SC-236

Please contact the Program Director of the committee to arrange your attendance at the plenary sessions


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