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2023: Aviation Summit Future Connectivity

EUROCAE and RTCA are excited to announce their collaboration in organizing the groundbreaking “Aviation Summit: Future Connectivity”. This virtual summit is set to take place on October 25, bringing together leading experts and stakeholders from the aviation industry to address the pivotal topic of datalink communication in aviation.

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the significance of efficient and secure communication through data becomes increasingly apparent. The “Aviation Summit: Future Connectivity ” will serve as a strategic platform for industry players to address the challenges, advancements, and opportunities presented by datalink technology in modern aviation.

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2022: Global Aviation Spectrum Summit

RTCA and EUROCAE joined together to host a global summit on aviation spectrum. The Global Aviation Spectrum Summit brought together key stakeholders and decision-makers on spectrum allocation, regulation, and usage for a discussion on how aviation can best prepare for the future global environment as technology moves towards more efficient and effective usage of spectrum. The two-day event, streamed live on December 13 and 14 addressed current and new entrants’ needs, systems adaptability, how aviation and other industries can work together to maximize the usage and how EUROCAE and RTCA can be responsive to the industry’s needs to create industry standards for regulators.


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