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Inspire the creation and implementation of integrated performance standards that meet the needs of the changing global aviation ecosystem and ensure the continued safety and security of stakeholders with a strong commitment to improving environmental sustainability.

Core Values

  • by championing strategic, technological, and intellectual thinking that advance the market needs of traditional participants and new entrants to aviation and related industries

  • promoting a culture that safeguards equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect for everyone’s civil and respectful expression of ideas and opinions

  • through continuous improvements in our products, services, and training that meet or exceed our stakeholder’s standards of excellence

  • by taking responsibility for our own safety, those around us, and those we serve

  • ensuring all that we do meets the societal needs of our stakeholders, employees, and customers, while minimizing its impact on the environment

  • demonstrated by what we say and by what we do in honoring our promises and commitments that creates an environment of honesty, trust, and respect

RTCA strives to reflect our core values through our awards and scholarship initiatives. Since 1975, RTCA has presented our Jackson Award to an outstanding graduate in the field of aviation electronics and communications. In 2022, we have launched a scholarship through the National Aviation Hall of Fame which provides funding to STEM educators in Kindergarten through 6th grade. We hope this new partnership inspires the future generation to join the aviation community.

Scholarship Details

RTCA Awards

Our Vision, Mission, and Values represents each member of our staff, who are the key to serving the needs of our members and global aviation.

In effort to broaden the impact of our core values, RTCA encourages and supports staff members to contribute their time and talent to aviation organizations.

Andrea Berry, our Senior Director of Industry Relations and Membership, serves on the board of directors of Women in Aviation, International. WAI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation and aerospace career fields and interests.




Brett Eastham, our Chief Operating Officer, serves on the board of directors of Laura Taber Barbour Air Safety Foundation. LTBASF is a nonprofit organization that provides awards to pioneers in aviation safety and scholarships to the next generation of safety leaders in aviation.






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