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Spectrum Compatibility

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RTCA gathers leaders and stakeholders to address the aviation industry’s most pressing challenges. Among the most urgent topics is ensuring the future of spectrum compatibility.  From our special committee work to a new virtual event in December of this year, RTCA is creating a platform which strives for collaborative, achievable solutions in spectrum allocation.


Special Committee Work

RTCA’s Special Committee on Spectrum Compatibility, SC-242, is currently working on two white papers to support the guidance from past spectrum standards and what can be improved to capture deterministic usage of aviation spectrum. SC-242 works with EUROCAE Working Group 124 and will produce technically equivalent documents.
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New Publication from Aspen Digital on Spectrum Strategy

RTCA participated in a multi-day roundtable meeting with a wide range of spectrum stakeholders to discuss key elements required for an effective government spectrum policy. The result is a new publication from Aspen Digital, a program of the Aspen Institute, Toward A National Spectrum Strategy.
Toward A National Spectrum Strategy




Global Aviation Spectrum Summit

A joint effort by RTCA and EUROCAE, this virtual event brought together key stakeholders and decision makers for a discussion on spectrum allocation, regulation, and usage. Panelists addressed how aviation can best prepare for the future global environment as technology moves towards more efficient and effective usage of spectrum.
Event Highlights

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