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Membership Categories and Fees

RTCA is a not-for-profit, membership organization formed to advance the art and science of aviation and aviation systems for the benefit of the public. RTCA membership is restricted to organizations that are doing business in aviation, including but not limited to identifying and resolving system technical and policy issues that aviation faces as it continues to pursue increased safety, system capacity and efficiency, and development of minimum performance standards and guidance material for electronic systems and equipment that support aviation.

RTCA’s membership is comprised of domestic and international organizations representing all facets of the air transportation industry.

RTCA membership annual dues is based upon the gross revenue of the organization. Gross revenue is defined as the total earned before any deductions of any expenses. It includes total amount generated from the sale of goods or delivery of services and funding from investors. If you operate as a nonprofit, your gross revenues include all grants and donations. Companies which are pre-revenue select the level which aligns with their projected usage.


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Membership Categories and Fees

  • An industry member is any organization that is not a government, association or academic entity.  See Industry Membership Categories and corresponding fees listed separately below.  An industry member who purchases a company which is already a member of RTCA will receive a discount on the subsidiary’s membership.

  • A US Government member organization must meet the qualifications of being an executive, legislative and judicial branch of the federal government in the United States. Please contact RTCA Membership at membership@rtca.org for more information on membership annual rate.


  • An International Government Associate must meet the qualifications of being an executive, legislative and judicial branch of government in a country other than the United States.

    Membership Annual Rate- Starts at $2,400

  • An Association member must meet the qualifications of an organization that represents the collective interest of businesses or individual entities in the aviation industry. Please contact RTCA Membership at membership@rtca.org for more information on membership annual rate.


  • Academic membership applies to educational institution that issues degrees. Academic labs or other institutions that are affiliated but set off from the academic institution and that do not issue degrees are not eligible for this academic member category.  There are two options for the Academic Membership.

    Option 1: Academic Basic 

    The membership privileges for the Academic Basic membership convey only to employees of the academic institution, not to students.

    Annual Rate for Academic Basic – $1,200

    Option 2 – Academic Standard 

    The membership privileges for the Academic Standard membership are available to employees of the academic institution and to pre-approved groups of students.

    Option 2 – Annual Rate for Academic Standard – Starts at $2,400

    Email us for more details: membership@rtca.org


Industry Member by Category

Category Annual RevenueAnnual FeesUsers# of Standards Included
Level 1< $1 Million USD Gross Revenue*$750.001010
Level 2$1 Million - $10 Million USD Gross Revenue$2,400.002030
Level 3$10 Million - $100 Million USD Gross Revenue$3,800.003050
Level 4$100 Million - $500 Million USD Gross Revenue$5,500.0050100
Level 5$500 Million - $ 1 Billion USD Gross Revenue$11,000.00100No Limit
Level 6 > $1 Billion USD Gross Revenue (less than 50 users)$15,000.00 - $17,500.0050No Limit
Level 7> $1 Billion USD Gross Revenue (more than 20 users)Starts at $21,000.00250+No Limit
*Level 1 is available to small consultancies and engineering firms. Pre-revenue start up manufacturers would select the level that aligns with their standard and access needs.

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For details on standards access for each membership level, please review the

FAQs and Electronic License Agreement



Our Members

Manned Aviation and Avionics Manufacturing

Our members manufacture components of today and tomorrow’s aircraft and avionics including electric, hypersonic and supersonic aircraft. Join leading aircraft and avionics manufacturers in shaping the future of aviation performance standards.

Unmanned Aviation and Advanced Air Mobility Operations

From manufacturers and service providers to robotics, our members are changing the future of aviation. RTCA connects the aviation industry through online and in-person meetings; you gain access to those supporting and certifying aviation standards.
Read More about RTCA's Work in the UAS Market

Service & Infrastructure Providers

Our members include airlines, airports, maintenance shops, plus providers of automation, security, logistics, and other services. Ensure your perspective is part of the standards development process. You get advance notice of all new committees.

R&D and Engineering Services

Dozens of research and engineering organizations rely on RTCA standards to support their work. As a member, you’ll have a reserved seat and discounted fees for RTCA’s training courses to help support your use of standards documents.

Government Organizations

Department of Defense, including U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Department of Transportation including FAA, DHS and TSA, plus NASA and other domestic and foreign government organizations rely on RTCA Standards. Participate and influence new technology standards to remain aligned with current regulatory frameworks.


Aviation associations in general aviation and commercial aviation, aviation type clubs, and publishers are members of RTCA. Joining RTCA allows you to ensure your members’ needs are represented in the performance standards process.


The faculty of prominent universities globally utilize RTCA Standards in their course curriculum. Academic institutions can participate in internship and mentorship programs and more.
Public Member Directory

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