RTCA is a private, not-for-profit association founded in 1935 as the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. We are the premier Public-Private Partnership venue for developing consensus among diverse, competing interests on critical aviation modernization issues in an increasingly global enterprise.
Who is RTCA?

RTCA has provided the foundation for virtually every modern technical advance in aviation. Our products serve as the basis for government certification of equipment used by the tens of thousands of aircraft flying daily through the world’s airspace. Utilized as a Federal advisory committee, RTCA works in response to requests from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop comprehensive, industry-vetted and endorsed recommendations for the Federal government on issues ranging from technical performance standards to operational concepts for air transportation. Our deliberations are open to the public and our products are developed by aviation community volunteers functioning in a consensus-based, collaborative, peer-reviewed environment.

The Value of RTCA

RTCA provides the venue for public-private collaboration that achieves the necessary improvements in the safety and efficiency of the air transportation system. The FAA has taken positive action on recommendations it has sought from RTCA, leading to tangible outcomes such as timely availability of certified avionics and improvements in the performance of the air traffic management system.

Global Network

RTCA has more than 600 highly active member organizations employing tens of thousands of people worldwide in the aviation business. Their work, facilitated by the RTCA staff, represents the consensus of thousands of experts from all corners of the aviation industry—a unique public-private partnership among aviation system users, providers and regulators.

Measured Guidance

RTCA efforts result in:

  • An effective venue for all interested stakeholders to be heard and actively engaged in constructively solving some of the toughest challenges to air transportation system modernization
  • Performance standards that serve as a basis for certification and help expand the competitive market for aircraft equipment and avionics
  • Consensus recommendations on policy, operational and investment decisions requested by government and the associated performance metrics critical to maintaining a safe, secure and efficient air transportation system
  • Recommendations and standards that have achieved worldwide acceptance and continue to help shape and harmonize the future of aviation

Tangible Outcomes 

  • Informs the FAA’s budget and program priorities
  • Drives how airspace operators equip and manage their fleets
  • Opens the door to innovation Pushes improvements in the performance of the air transportation system
  • Helps educate legislators
  • Produces global aviation standards


Get on board! 

RTCA leads the critical consensus building process that brings together the brightest business, technical, operational and regulatory experts from across the aviation industry to find common ground for higher levels of performance in U.S. and global aviation.

Be a part of the conversation and the solution. Let your voice and your passion be amplified through RTCA.