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Contributions from volunteers are what makes RTCA a success, and each year the organization recognizes those who provide extraordinary leadership.
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William E. Jackson Award

The William E. Jackson Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student in the field of aviation electronics and telecommunications. This  award is a memorial to William E. Jackson, a pioneer in the development and implementation of the nation’s air traffic control system and an enthusiastic supporter of student engineers.


The 2021 William E. Jackson Award was presented to Rachael Tompa for her dissertation entitled “Optimal Aircraft Rerouting During Space Launches.”

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Outstanding Leaders

The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes the added demands placed on RTCA Special Committee Chairs and/or other Committee participants who serve in leadership roles.

2021 Leaders

Charles LeeperJohns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Jessica LopezJohns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Chloe MorosettiUnited Airlines
Iva PluhackovaInternational Air Transportation Association
Hal AdamsAvia Global Group
Claire RobinsonUniversal Avionics
Donsong ZengThe MITRE Corporation
David Pierce GE Aviation
Don WalkerAirbus
Ted LesterGE Aviation
Greg ComstockStratMach
Randy BoneThe MITRE Corporation
William PenhallegonThe MITRE Corporation
Jean Luc RobinAirbus
Max FenkellJoby Aviation
Jonas TregoGeneral Atomics
Kevin BeanThe MITRE Corporation
Kyle McMullenNIAR
Brad GreenEaglePicher Technologies (Retired)
Leslie WeitzThe MITRE Corporation
Brenda PerezRegulus Group
Mats BrennerHoneywell International, Inc.
Naiel AskarGeneral Atomics
Randall BaileyNASA
Stuart BowmanThe MITRE Corporation
Tom PaganoRegulus Group
Tyler BarneyCollins Aerospace
Jim WilliamsJHW Unmanned
Venkata SishtiaCollins Aerospace
Jeff FinleyCollins Aerospace
Yasuo IshiharHoneywell International, Inc.
Rick RidenourL3Harris

Significant Contributors

The Significant Contributor award recognizes individuals for very important and noteworthy contributions to Special Committees and their products.

2021 Contributors

Dr. Patrick VranckenGerman Aerospace Center DLR
Dr. Shumpei KameyanaMitsubishi Electronic Corporation
Tim SteinerFederal Aviation Administration
John FisherFederal Aviation Administration
Chris HoffmanACR Electronics
Richard TappHoneywell International, Inc.
John BarryFederal Aviation Administration
Barbara ClarkFederal Aviation Administration
Steve DarrDynamic Aerospace, Inc.
Darrell AndgreggCollins Aerospace
Christine HaissigChristine Haissig Consulting LLC
Greg Comstock StratMach
Stephanie PriessThe MITRE Corporation
Brenda PerezRegulus Group
Andrew IvesInmarsat
Mark KelleyAVISTA
Eltzafan Mark Federal Aviation Administration
Peter StassenThe MITRE Corporation
Kurt A. ShaklhauserNational Aeronautics and Space Administration
Al MalagaAdvantage Consulting Engineering Services
Xavier EsneuCollins Aerospace
Tim GrebeGeneral Atomics
Devin JackAdaptive Aerospace Group
Gilbert WuNational Aeronautics and Space Administration
Siva SivananthanARCON Corporation
Jessica LopezJohn Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Natalie WongTransport Canada
Jake Van DykeHoneywell International, Inc.
David JerrelGenera Atomics
Michael DuboisRaytheon
Ann DrummMIT Lincoln Laboratory
Zbigniew JasiukajcSITA
Lynn RootUniversal Avionics
Alain GuilletAribus
James DotyCollins Aerospace
Alan SigmanFederal Aviation Administration
Samuel WuMIT Lincoln Laboratory
Samantha SmearcheckJohn Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Candace KolanderAir Line Pilots Association
Chad Johnson Transport Canada
Bryan MoranThe Boeing Company
Zach ReynoldsL3Harris
Rich AdlerFederal Aviation Administration
Linda ChismAlaska Airlines
Seth FrickHoneywell International, Inc.
David RedmanAerospace Vehicle Systems Institute

For more information:

Significant Contributors Award, please contact contact Ka’Nika Evans

Outstanding Leaders Award, please contact contact Ka’Nika Evans

William E. Jackson Award, please contact contact Karan Hofmann


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