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RTCA has teamed with Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research (WSU-NIAR) to offer high-quality training on RTCA’s security documents. The five training courses cover essential topics including airworthiness security, the role of the overall framework in protecting the airspace systems, security event management and requirements for digital service providers in establishing proper controls and mitigations. Attendees receive a copy of the security document(s) for each course as well as a certificate of completion.


*RTCA members receive discounts on training courses. Need to register a group? Please email us at training@rtca.org.


Airworthiness Security: DO-326A and DO-356A

DO-326 describes the key objectives and requirements to adequately manage security threats in an aircraft design/certification effort, and to establish methods to maintain the security level over the lifecycle of the aircraft. DO-356 provides step-by-step tools and methods for meeting those objectives.
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DO-355A, Information Security Guidance for Continuing Airworthiness

In an ever-changing security threat environment, it is important for the aircraft operator to remain vigilant and effective in protecting the aircraft from security threats. This document/class defines the specific objectives and requirements for establishing an effective security process for operation of an aircraft.
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DO-391, Aeronautical Information System Security Framework Guidance

In order to be the most effective in protecting the airspace systems, and not place undue burden on any particular area, the efforts and responsibilities need to be distributed across the airspace stakeholders. This document/class discusses shared risks, shared responsibilities, and external agreements involved.
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DO-392, Information Security Event Management

A malicious security breach/attack can occur anywhere in the lifecycle of an aircraft. Such an attack/event must be properly responded to in both immediate tactical terms, as well as communicated to the airspace stakeholders so that a system-wide response can be implemented. This course provides a standard organized guide for responding to such events.
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DO-393, Process Standard for Security Certification and Declaration of ATM ANS Ground Systems

Aircraft and the airspace as a whole is becoming more and more dependent on digital tools and data. These digital items must be properly protected from malicious attempts to interfere with the safety of the aircraft. This document/class describes the objects and requirements for establishing the proper controls/mitigations for a digital service provider.
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Course Instructors


Ernie Condon

Consultant FAA DER

Ernie Condon is a Consultant FAA DER at Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research with 40+ years of…

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Ted Kalthoff

Principal Engineer

Ted Kalthoff has worked in the aircraft industry for over 20 years in various roles related to software and most…

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