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RTCA November 2021 Digest

November 18, 2021
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Airports Council International – North America

In this interview, Chris Oswald, Senior Vice President for Safety and Regulatory Affairs of ACI-NA, discusses priorities for airports including enhanced capabilities and infrastructure needs.  Chris highlights the opportunity for more standards development to address electrification and charging vehicles.  WATCH:  https://youtu.be/QOjAlYMtoEY

RTCA and EUROCAE Met In Person at RTCA Headquarters for the Annual Coordination Meeting

What is FRAC?

All RTCA documents that are placed in our store undergo a process called Final Review and Comment (FRAC). FRAC is an opportunity for all stakeholders and interested parties, including members of the public, to review the document and suggest improvements. All documents in the FRAC commenting period can be found on our website here: https://www.rtca.org/committees-overview/documents-under-review/

RTCA relies on its committee chairs to execute and manage FRAC. All comments must be dispositioned, and the goal is to reach consensus on any changes needed. If consensus cannot be reached, RTCA supports the chairs by providing tools to reach a common ground everyone can live with. There is also a process if consensus can’t be achieved, but we encourage all participants to find a compromise.

A committee plenary session must be held to allow the committee to approve initiating FRAC. The commenting period for RTCA documents is a minimum of 30 days. When a committee is producing a joint document with a EUROCAE working group, the minimum is 45 days.

After comments are received and all are reviewed, the committee meets again in plenary to disposition the comments and approve closing the FRAC. They then create the final draft for the Program Management Committee (PMC) to consider for publication. The PMC has the authority to resolve the disposition of any unresolved comments and asks RTCA to complete publication of the document.

The PMC meets quarterly in March, June, September, and December.  Documents that have been approved by the PMC are usually published in the store immediately after these quarterly meetings. The publication of our committee products is the primary purpose of the RTCA PMC.

If you wish to participate in the FRAC process, please contact the Program Director for the committee. All committee pages list the leadership of the committee and provide contact information.


                                                        2022 TRAINING DATES NOW AVAILABLE

RTCA Announces New Human Factors Course, coming January 2022

Remaining Training Events for 2021

DO-160G, Environmental TestingDecember 6-10, 11am-5pm est.
DO-254, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic HardwareDecember 7-10, 11am-5pm est.
DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment w/SupplementsDecember 13-17, 11am-5pm est.
email: training@rtca.org for more information

RTCA Events


RTCA Gold Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you to our 2021 Webinar Sponsors.

A special thank you to Collins Aerospace, Gold Sponsor of the 2021 Series!


Infrastructure and Airport Priorities

RTCA’s September webinar features a discussion with airport experts discussing priorities and projects at LAX, MCI and others.  WATCH: https://youtu.be/dT34IiR_uSY

Panelists – Carol Huegel w Gate 2 Gate Solutions, Michelle Schwartz w LAX Airport, Ian Redhead w KCI Airport, Martin Boyer w Toronto Pearson and Tony Chapman w Collins Aerospace

For more information about the Digest, please contact:
Name: Ka'Nika Evans
Email: kevans@rtca.org

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