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Course Overview

Instructed by The MITRE Corporation, this is an abbreviated version of their 5-day SMS Principles course. It is ideal for line management and other individuals who will play key roles in safety management systems but do not need the level of detailed knowledge required by safety professionals. This is also valuable for personnel from new entrants to the aviation system that may be unfamiliar with its concepts, components, and the importance of creating a positive safety culture.

Front-line personnel will acquire a foundation in all SMS concepts applicable to their involvement in their organization’s safety management systems. Students in this class will have an opportunity to work an exercise in proactive Change Management risk assessment, allowing them to understand how to apply the concept prior to future operational changes.

The course will present the “Four Components of SMS” (Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion) which will be taught in detail, and will also include Human Error Factors. This and all our SMS courses meet the expectations of the ICAO Safety Management Manual 9859 and 14 CFR Part 5. Positive Safety Culture elements are also covered in depth.


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Kent Hollinger

Principal Engineer

Mr. Kent Hollinger is a Principal Engineer at The MITRE Corporation. In this capacity, he is involved in certification activities…

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Safety Management Systems (SMS) Overview Course
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