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RTCA Members Elect New Leadership

August 28, 2018
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Steve Brown, RTCA Chair

Steve Brown, RTCA Chair

Members of RTCA, Inc. convened at the Annual Meeting of Members to elect a new Board of Directors and Policy Board. Steve Brown of NBAA was appointed as Chair of the Board, and Steve Timm of Rockwell Collins was appointed as Vice Chair.

Following his appointment, Steve Brown noted that “RTCA has a long history of being a great standards organization and doing exemplary work. This will continue and evolve as we move forward.”

The Board of Directors provides management and fiduciary oversight for the organization, while the Policy Board serves as an important link between the members of RTCA and the organization’s policy development activities by establishing RTCA policies and programs.

RTCA’s Board of Directors includes:

Steve Brown (NBAA)Steve Timm (Rockwell Collins, Inc.)
Carl Esposito (Honeywell)Sharon Pinkerton (A4A)
Melissa Rudinger (AOPA)Todd Zarfos (The Boeing Company)

The Policy Board includes all members of the Board of Directors as well as:

Ali Bahrami, ex officio (FAA)Jaz Banga (Airspace Systems, Inc.)
Faye Malarkey Black (RAA)Pete Bunce (GAMA)
John Craig (A-ISAC)Angela Gittens (ACI-World)
Keith Hagy (ALPA)Fran Hill (Leidos)
Gregg Leone (The MITRE Corporation)Eddie Mayenschein (TSA)
Debby McElroy (ACI-NA)Paul Rinaldi (NATCA)
Rowayne Schatz (DoD)Pamela Whitley, ex officio (FAA)

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