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RTCA Announces Ratification of New Governance Board Members

July 14, 2021
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Washington, DC, July 13, 2021 – RTCA, Inc. announced today, that at last week’s annual membership meeting, 4 Board of Directors and 11 Advisory Board members were re-elected and will serve 2-year terms. The Board of Directors members elected were Mr. Vipul Gupta (Honeywell), Mr. Gregg Leone (MITRE Corporation), Ms. Melissa Rudinger (AOPA), and Mr. Dan Murray (Boeing). The Advisory Board members elected were Captain Houston Mills (United Parcel Service), Mr. Carlos Cirillo (International Air Transport Association), Ms. Carol Huegel (Gate-2-Gate Solutions), Mr. Sean Cassidy (Amazon), Ms. Stacy Cordell (University of Kansas), Mr. Richard Stansbury (Embry Riddle University),  Mr. Jens Hennig (General Aviation Manufacturers Association), Mr. Paul Rinaldi (National Air Traffic Controllers Association), Mr. Tom Ferrell (Joby) and Mr. Sean Sullivan (Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center).  Also joining the RTCA Advisory Board as an ex officio member is Mr. Robert Pierce, NASA Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

“I am pleased with the election of this slate of members RTCA Board of Directors that will continue to enhance the strategic direction for our organization”, said Terry McVenes, RTCA President and Chief Executive Officer. “The addition of Bob Pierce to our Advisory Board will further strengthen our alignment with NASA and the research community.”

RTCA Board of Directors Chairman Steve Brown (NBAA) added, “I also want to thank Mr. Wayne Schatz from the U.S. Department of Defense and Mr. Ali Bahrami from the FAA for their previous contributions to the RTCA Advisory Board. Both Mr. Schatz and Mr. Bahrami provided tremendous support to the RTCA mission, and we are especially thankful for their excellent service. We look forward to welcoming their successors into the RTCA family at a future date.”

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RTCA is a private, not-for-profit association founded in 1935 as the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. This mission of RTCA is to inspire the creation and implementation of integrated performance standards that meet the changing global aviation environment and ensure the safety, security, and overall health of the aviation ecosystem.
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