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PMC Approves Publication for Airport Security Access Control Systems

April 2, 2024
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New Publication Approved in March PMC Meeting

During its spring meeting, the Program Management Committee (PMC) of RTCA conducted a comprehensive review and approval process, resulting in the endorsement of one new publication and the approval of four Terms of Reference (ToR) changes. Chaired by Dr. Chris Hegarty from The MITRE Corporation, this 21-member committee plays a crucial role in ensuring aviation system interoperability, innovation, and adherence to FAA regulations. Notable discussions encompassed key topics, including:

PMC Approved the Following Publication:

DO-230M – Standards for Airport Security Access Control Systems. This document provides guidance on acquiring and designing Airport Security Access Control Systems, as well as the integration, testing, system performance evaluation, and operational requirements related to such access control systems.

This standard is available with detailed descriptions on the RTCA Store.

Accepted Terms of Reference (ToR) Changes:

  • SC-214 – Standards for Air Traffic Data Communication Services – added a change to one of their previously published documents (DO-351B).
  • SC-227 – Standards of Navigation Performance – adjusted delivery dates of two documents and added a development of a new MOPS with a new title and DO number instead of revising the current MOPS (DO-257C)
  • SC-237 – Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS) – changed to Active Monitor Status.
  • SC-242 – Spectrum Compatibility – changed the name of their document.

Other Items:

  • Discussion of new Special Committee work within RTCA.
  • Follow-up discussion on a Technical Pilot Committee or other means for operational inputs into RTCA standards development.
  • A point of order on inclusion of items (related to provision of including Julia code as part of a supplement) and possible relation to export control material.  Further action will follow in June.
  • Presentations from the FAA and EASA regulation activity and Low Range Radar Altimeter special committee activity.
  • Follow-on discussion regarding the RTCA Dissent Process during Final Review and Comment of documents.
  • Discussion on the FAA Order on Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards
  • Further items of discussion included RTCA Award nominations, review of older publications, updating the ToR template to include Report Handling, and an executive summary of RTCA progress since the last PMC meeting.

Mark your calendars for the next PMC meeting on June 27, 2024, where further advancements and discussions are anticipated.


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