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SC-234, Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs)

Established 2015
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SC-234, Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs), was established in response to an Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Rule Making Committee (ARC) recommendations.  In joint effort with EUROCAE Working Group 99 (WG-99), SC-234 developed DO-363/ED-130A, Guidance for the Development of Portable Electronic Devices (PED) Tolerance for Civil Aircraft, with publication in December 2016. Change 1 of DO-363/ED-130A was released in March 2019 to clarify the intent of low powered technologies section.

SC-234 and WG-99 also developed DO-307A/ED-239, Aircraft Design and Certification for Portable Electronic Device (PED) Tolerance, with publication in December 2016.

SC-234 was Sunset at the completion of these two documents.  However since their release, the expansion in additional spectrum ranges of WiFi 6E adds support for 6 GHz wireless spectrum up to 7.125 GHz. Although the documents are sound, the documents need an updated in order for them to remain unambiguous guidance material.


Jamie Lutkus, Astronics Corporation
Government Authorized Representative (GAR)
Brian Verna, Federal Aviation Administration
Sal Navidi, Honeywell International
Program Director

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