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SC-214, Standards for Air Traffic Data Communication Services

Established 2007
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SC-214, Standards for Air Traffic Data Communication Services, established March 22, 2007, is developing Safety and Performance Requirements (SPR) and Interoperability Requirements (INTEROPS) documents for the Air Traffic Services (ATS) supported by data communications to be implemented in the United States by the NextGen Data Communications Program in defined environments through 2025 and in Europe as part of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) operational improvements. Data communications will introduce services that allow evolution from the current workload-intensive, voice-based air traffic control concepts, to collaborative, management-by-exception operations. Advanced data links between ground and airborne systems are envisioned to increase capacity, allowing greater user access and more efficient flight routing. The group, along with EUROCAE WG-78, published eight documents in four years to cover interoperability requirements standard for ATN Baseline 1-Baseline 2 Interop Standard, FANS 1/a-Baseline 2 Interop Standard, Baseline 2 Interop Standard, and Baseline 2 SPR Standard. In June 2015, the group was tasked to revise DO-224C, Signal-in-Space Minimum Aviation Performance Standards (MASPS) for Advanced VHF Digital Data Communications Including Compatibility with Digital Voice Techniques and DO-281C, Minimal Operational Performance Standard (MOPS) for Aircraft VDL Mode 2 Physical Link and Network Layer.


ChairClaire RobinsonUniversal Avionics Systems Corp.
Government Authorized RepresentativeThomas MustachFederal Aviation Administration
SecretaryTodd KilbourneMosaic
Program DirectorBrandi TeelRTCA, Inc.

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October 30-November 3, 2023 (w/WG-78)

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