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SC-186, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), established February 1, 1995, is developing operational requirements and minimum performance standards for airborne and ground user applications of ADS-B.  There are a number of potential benefits that FAA customers (e.g., airlines and the flying public) and service providers (e.g., air traffic controllers) can realize with the use of ADS-B technology and associated applications. Several operational capabilities have been identified that could provide benefit if implemented and provided as a tool for flying public use.

These benefits include enhanced safety, increased aviation efficiency and the potential to increase the capacity of all air and ground space used by the aviation industry.  To satisfy the need for providing the ADS-B capabilities, SC-186 has been established to recommend industry standards for ADS-B applications that can be made available to governments, industry and other organizations.  Version update releases are planned to support the phased operational implementation of ADS-B applications.


Co-ChairRocky StoneUnited Airlines
Co-ChairJessie TurnerThe Boeing Company
Government Authorized RepresentativeMatt HaskinFederal Aviation Administration
SecretaryMichael GarciaAireon, LLC
Program DirectorBrandi TeelRTCA

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