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SC-147, Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), established November 1, 1980, has defined and updated the TCAS and TCAS II performance standards, thereby contributing to one of the most significant advances in aviation safety in the past twenty years.

The committee has started work on a new Aircraft Collision Avoidance System for NextGen, or ACAS X.  The foundational system to be specified will be ACAS XA, with the “A” denoting active surveillance. ACAS XA will be a “drop-in” replacement for TCAS II; expected MOPS completion date – December 2018.


Co-ChairJ. Stuart SearightFederal Aviation Administration
Co-ChairRuy BrandaoHoneywell International, Inc.
WG-75 Co-ChairBill BoothEUROCONTROL
Government Authorized RepresentativeMatt HaskinsFederal Aviation Administration
SecretaryDonna FroehlichAurora Sciences LLC
Program DirectorAl SecenRTCA, Inc.

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