New RTCA Report

Survey of Radio Frequency (RF) Performance Standards for Aeronautical RF Systems

Photo of Tracy Lamb

Tracy Lamb

Tracy Lamb has over 28 years of experience in commercial aviation. She is a recognized global expert in aviation safety and regulatory affairs appointed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as a designated Subject Matter Expert and instructor in UAS regulations. She is the founder and CEO of Quantum AI, a company specializing in advanced aviation safety, risk, and human factors offering specialized consulting and the AIRS Vision™ software platform.

Before her current role, Tracy was the Vice President for Regulatory and Safety Affairs and the Chief Pilot for AUVSI, the world’s largest nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the uncrewed systems and robotics community. Before AUVSI, Tracy served the global aviation community as an aviation safety and compliance auditor where, as the Global Head of RPAS Safety for SGS, she pioneered the development of commercial certification and training programs for uncrewed systems. Tracy has completed over 100 aviation safety audits on helicopter operators, aeromedical providers, airlines, and UAS operators in oil and gas, mining, agriculture, and powerline industries in Australia, the UK, Europe, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and South East Asia. She has been based in Melbourne, Australia, London, New York, Washington DC, and currently Houston, Texas.

Tracy is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society (FRAeS), awarded in 2020 for her service and leadership in aviation. Before her journey into safety and certification, Tracy amassed over 7,000 flight hours as an experienced international airline pilot (Boeing 737), certified flight instructor (CFI, CFII, MEII), corporate jet and charter pilot, and certified commercial UAS pilot (FAA §107 and CASA §101). Tracy holds a Master’s degree in aviation, safety, human factors, and business management (MBA); a Diploma in USA aviation law; and will complete a Ph.D. in Aviation Safety and Human Factors from Embry-Riddle’s Worldwide Campus in the winter of 2022.


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