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John Angermayer

John Angermayer is an experienced Lead Multi-Disciplinary Systems Development and Software Engineer with 37 years of experience in software development and project management; he has worked at MITRE CAASD since 1998. John was one of the co-authors of DO-178C and was an active member of RTCA SC-205.

He has supported Data Link, Capstone, GPS III, and Military Avionics and Data Base Approvals for CNSATM (GATM). His work includes software approvals for the first commercially available TCAS II system, a Predictive Windshear system, a series of communication radios and Mode S transponders. He was an active member of RTCA SC-167 as co-chair of Working Group 4, RTCA SC-190 in the CNS/ATM (ground) sub-group, and RTCA SC-201. He is currently an active member of RTCA SC-216.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from North Carolina State University, and has completed Post Graduate Studies from the University of Miami.


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