Photo of Carol Huegel

Carol Huegel

Ms. Huegel has spent 30+ years serving airports, airlines and air navigation service providers around the globe.  In collaboration with industry stakeholders, she has designed and implemented safe, advanced solutions that balance demand and capacity to increase efficiency, reliability and predictability for the traveling public. Ms. Huegel maintains deep airport airside and air traffic management expertise and has long contended that “once you’ve seen one airport, you have seen exactly one airport”.  She has a keen interest in emerging transportation technologies and our country’s vision for a future transportation ecosystem whereby airports and vertiports co-exist to safely and efficiently move travelers via environmentally friendly transportation vehicles.

Ms. Huegel, is currently a Principal at Gate 2 Gate Solutions. Prior senior leadership roles in the aviation sector include Managing Director Air Traffic and Surface Management Strategy at American Airlines, Customer Liaison in the FAA ATO Surface Directorate, Senior Vice President Advanced Research Engineering Business Development at Metron Aviation, and Director Air Traffic Systems at Sensis Corporation.


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