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Updates on UAS Systems & Navigation Standards Development

February 9, 2024
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Jan 26 – SC-228, Minimum Performance Standards for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, met at RTCA in Washington, DC, to hear updates on progress from each of the SC-228 working groups. The committee also received a usage update report from the FAA Government Authorized Representative. The next plenary is scheduled for early May at RTCA Headquarters.

Jan 29 & Feb 2 – SC-227 w/WG-85, Standards of Navigation Performance, met for two joint plenary sessions at RTCA in Washington, DC. They are still working on resolving all comments received on the RNP MOPS and MASPS in the Final Review and Comment/Open Consultation (FRAC/OC) which was held last year. The joint group will meet again in May hosted by Boeing in Denver, Colorado.

Jan 30-Feb 1 – SC-238 w/WG-115, Counter UAS Systems, met in joint plenary with EUROCAE WG-115 at EUROCONTROL, in Belgum.  The group began work to update the 2021 Operational Services and Environmental for Counter UAS in Controlled Airspace (DO-389/ED-286). Publication is scheduled for late 2024 and the next plenary is scheduled for early April at RTCA Headquarters.


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