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April 4, 2023
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Upcoming RTCA Special Committee Plenaries  April 2023 

Apr 12-13 – SC-230, Airborne Weather Detection Systems, will meet virtually to complete Final Review and Comment resolution for DO-220B. If successful, they will approve forwarding the document to the Program Management Committee June meeting for final approval and publication.

Apr 20 – SC-186, Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) (w/EUROCAE WG-51), will meet virtually to hear updates from SC-186 WG-4 about ADS-B In and EUROCAE WG-51 SG-4 to receive the status on ED-129. The committee will also hear from SC-206/WG-76 about proposed changes on ADS-B Out.

Apr 20 – SC-242, Spectrum Compatibility (w/EUROCAE WG-124), will meet in joint plenary at Airbus facilities in Toulouse. The group will continue working on their initial document capturing the current characteristics of radio frequency requirements in existing RTCA and EUROCAE standards. The group will also review the schedule in their TOR to consider if they will need to bring an update on when their documents will be complete. Registration in advance is required to attend in person.

Apr 21 – SC-216, Aeronautical Security Systems (w/EUROCAE WG-72), will meet in plenary at EASA, Cologne, Germany.  They will continue work on four new documents that are all expected to be published in 2024. Space is limited and registration in advance is required to attend in person.

Apr 21 – SC-228, Minimum Performance Standards for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, will meet in plenary at RTCA in Washington, DC to receive updates from SC-228 working groups and EUROCAE WG-105. The committee will finalize the resolution of comments for approval to send one document to the RTCA Program Management Committee for publication. SC-228 will hear from different companies about V2V prototypes, industry progress on MOPS-compliant equipment, and an update from the FAA on its V2V project.

Agendas for all Plenary meetings of RTCA Special Committees and recent news from our special committees can be found at: Please contact the program director for virtual connection information.


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