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RTCA Special Committee Roundup December 2022

January 18, 2023
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Dec 2 – SC-217 Aeronautical Databases (w/EUROCAE WG-44) met in plenary December 2 hosted by Honeywell at their facilities in Sky Harbor, Arizona. The group is continuing its work updating DO-200 to revision C.

Dec 5-7 – SC-237 Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems (w/EUROCAE WG-110) – met in virtual plenary to continue work on a new MOPS for helicopter on-shore operations.

Dec 5-9 – SC-223 Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) (w/EUROCAE WG-82) met in a joint plenary at EUROCAE in Saint Denis, France. During the plenary sessions, the group reviewed and dispositioned comments received on the new ATN IPS MASPS as part of an internal review and comment period. The joint group will meet in March 2023 at RTCA to consider a motion to initiate Open Consultation and Final Review and comment on the MASPS.

Dec 9 – SC-206 Aeronautical Information and Meteorological Data Link Services (w/EUROCAE WG-76) met in plenary at RTCA, Washington, DC. They held four days of working meetings prior to the plenary to continue progress on three documents expected to be released mid-2023. They also discussed and approved TOR revision to present to the Program Management Committee. SC-206 SG4 and WG-76 SG2 met the previous week at the National Weather Center in Kansas City, MO.

Dec 9 – SC-216 Aeronautical Systems Security (w/EUROCAE WG-72) met in plenary at RTCA, Washington, DC.  They continued work on four new documents that are all expected to be published in 2024. They also discussed and approved TOR revision to present to the Program Management Committee.

Dec 12-15 – SC-239 Low Range Radar Altimeter (w/EUROCAE WG-119) met in a joint plenary session at EUROCAE in Saint Denis France to disposition comments that were received against DO-399/ED-310, Guidance Document on Radar Altimeter RF Interference Rejection and Tolerance, during the Open Consultation and Final Review and Comment process. It is RTCA’s policy that all comments, even those received from the public, must be addressed by the committee. The group will meet in a virtual plenary session on January 20, 2022, to finalize the resolution of the comments and consider sending the document to the RTCA Program Management comment for publication.

Dec 15 – Program Management Committee met at RTCA in Washington, DC. They approved one new document and one revised document for publication.  They also reviewed and approved for release two White Papers. Additionally, the group approved delivery changes on eight Special Committees (SC) Terms of Reference (TOR) and five TORs had administrative changes approved.

Agendas for all Plenary meetings of RTCA Special Committees and recent news from our special committees can be found at: https://www.rtca.org/committees-overview/. Please contact the program director for virtual connection information.


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