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RTCA Special Committee Round-up January 2023

February 16, 2023
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Jan 17-20 – SC-240, Topics on Software Advancement (w/EUROCAE WG-117), met in joint plenary at EUROCAE in Saint Denis, France. The joint group has been reviewing internal comments on the initial delivery of a supplemental document for DO-178C/ED-12C which will address using commercial off-the-shelf software and open-source software as part of your aviation software package. Open Consultation and Final Review and Comment should be available to the public later this year. The next plenary sessions will be held at RTCA in June 2023.

Jan 20 – SC-239, Low Range Radar Altimeter (w/EUROCAE WG-119), met in a virtual plenary session to discuss the status of the completion of Open Consultation and Final Review and Comments against ED-310/DO-399 which provides guidance for aviation manufacturers on interference characteristics. The next joint plenary will take place at RTCA on February 17, 2023.

Jan 18-20 – SC-235, Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, met at RTCA, Washington, DC to continue comment resolution for DO-227B Final Review and Comment (FRAC). Publication is expected later this year.

Jan 26 – SC-224, Airport Security Access Control Systems, met virtually in Plenary to continue work on DO-230M schedule to be published in early 2024.

Jan 27 – SC-228, Minimum Performance Standards for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, met at RTCA in Washington, DC, to provide updates from each of the working groups. SC-228 is continuing its work on GBSS MOPS, Guidance Material for Lost Link Behavior, and C2 Link Systems MASPS. The next meeting is scheduled for April.

Jan 31- Feb 2 – SC-230, Weather Detection Systems, met at RTCA in Washington, DC, and approved the release of DO-220B for FRAC. Comments are expected to be resolved during the next Plenary session in April. Expected publication for this summer.

Special Committee summaries and agendas can be accessed by visiting https://www.rtca.org/committees-overview/special-committees/


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