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RTCA Special Committee Recap: October 2023

November 15, 2023
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Oct 3-6 – SC-135 w/WG-14, Environmental Testing, met in a joint plenary at RTCA to continue their work on Revision H of DO-160()/ED-14(). The group completed an initial review and comment on 9 of the sections for DO-160H/ED-14H. Final Review and Comment/Open Consultation (FRAC/OC) is scheduled to begin in 2024.

Oct 5 – SC-222 w/WG-82, Airborne Mobile Satellite (Remote) Systems (AMS(R)S), met virtually in joint plenary. They completed FRAC/OC resolution for DO-262F Change 2 / ED-243C Change 2. Publication is expected shortly thereafter with Program Management Committee (PMC) and Council approval. The group also reviewed input for the full revisions of two documents currently under development.

Oct 10 – SC-237 w/WG-110, Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS), met virtually and approved the MOPS for HTAWS for Onshore Helicopter Operations. The document will now be sent to the RTCA PMC and EUROCAE Council for final approval and publication in December.

Oct 19 – SC-240 w/WG-117, Topics on Software Advancement, met in a joint plenary at EASA in Cologne. The joint group’s scope now includes maintaining DO-178C/ED-12C and the suite of supporting software documents. Great progress was made on the forthcoming Software Supplement addressing COTS and Open Source Software. The group hopes to initiate Final Review and Comment/Open Consultation (FRAC/OC) on the new supplement in 2024.

Oct 20 – SC-228, Minimum Performance Standards for Uncrewed Aircraft System, met at RTCA Headquarters in Washington, DC to hear updates from SC-228 WG-1, WG-2, and WG-4. The committee also finalized the resolution of comments for three documents: MOPS for GBSS for Traffic Surveillance, MASPS for C2 Link Systems Supporting Operations of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems in U.S. Airspace, and OSED for UAS DAA. The committee approved the documents, and they will be presented to the Program Management Committee in December for final approval and publication.

Oct 23 – SC-235, Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, met virtually in plenary to continue FRAC comment resolution on DO-227B. With the extensive changes from this resolution process, the group is planning to release the document for a second FRAC once full resolution is complete. This will put the publication into late 2024.

Oct 24 – SC-242 w/WG-124, Spectrum Compatibility, met in a virtual joint plenary to disposition comments against their report on Spectrum standards. The group approved sending the document to RTCA and EUROCAE for publication. Publication is expected in November 2023.

Oct 24-25 – SC-238 w/WG-115, Counter UAS, met in joint plenary at RTCA Headquarters in Washington, DC to work FRAC/OC resolution for DO-403/ED-322 SPR/INTEROP. Not all comments were successfully completed so another plenary has been set for November. The goal is to forward it to RTCA PMC and EUROCAE Council for final review and approval for publication in December.

Oct 26 – SC-217 w/WG-44, Aeronautical Databases, met in a joint plenary hosted by Lufthansa in Zurich, Switzerland. The group will meet in a virtual plenary to authorize initiating FRAC/OC on DO-200C/ED-76C, a new draft of Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data.

Oct 27 – SC-159 w/WG-62, Navigation Equipment Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), met in joint plenary at RTCA Headquarters in Washington, DC. The group completed FRAC/OC resolution on DO-292A and approved forwarding to the PMC for publication in December, approved DO-373A for FRAC release, began work on DO-401A/ED-259B, and continued work on the initial MOPS and CIE for Verification and Validation as well as a BeiDou White Paper.

Oct 31 and Nov 2-3 – SC-230, Airborne Weather Detections Systems, is meeting virtually to begin work on a White Paper to perform analysis and test to determine susceptibility of airborne weather radar systems to radio frequency interference. This paper is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024.


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