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RTCA Special Committee Recap March 2023

April 19, 2023
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Mar 7 – 9 – SC-235, Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, met in Plenary at Radiant Power Corporation, in Sarasota, FL to continue comment resolution for DO-227B Final Review and Comment (FRAC). Publication is expected later this year.

Mar 13 – 17 – SC-206, Aeronautical Information and Meteorological Data Link Services (w/ WG-76), met in Plenary with EUROCAE WG-76 at Airbus in Toulouse, France. They completed work on a white paper for presentation to the Program Management Committee (PMC) in June and continued work on DO-364A/ED-XXX.

Mar 15 – 16 – SC-147, Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) (w/ WG-75), met virtually with EUROCAE WG-75 to close FRAC/Open Consultation (OC) for DO-385A/ED-256A, MOPS for ACAS X (ACAS Xa and ACAS Xo). The document will be presented to the PMC in June for approval and publication.

Mar 16 – Program Management Committee, met at RTCA in Washington, DC. The PMC reviewed and approved administrative changes for three Special Committee (SC) Terms of Reference (TOR), received updates on important SC activities, and discussed several significant topics. Additionally, RTCA annual award nominations were presented and approval.

Mar 17 – SC-214, Standards for Air Traffic Data Communication Services (w/ WG-78), met virtually with EUROCAE WG-78 to open FRAC/OC for DO-350B/ED-228B, Safety and Performance Requirements Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data Communication (Baseline 2 SPR Standard) Vol. I & II, and DO-351B/ED-229B, Interoperability Requirements Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data Communication (Baseline 2 Interop Standard) Vol. I & II. Visit the RTCA Documents Under Review page for more information.

Mar 20 – 24 – SC-223, Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) and AeroMACS (w/ WG-108), met in a joint plenary session with EUROCAE WG-108 at RTCA in Washington, DC. They resolved all comments received from members and approved the IPS MASPS to entire FRAC/OC. The document will be available for comment at https://www.rtca.org/committees-overview/documents-under-review/ until May 19, 2023.

Mar 23 – SC-224, Airport Security Access Control Systems, met virtually in Plenary to continue work on DO-230M, scheduled to publish in early 2024.

Mar 29 – SC-217, Aeronautical Databases (w/ WG-44), met in a joint plenary session with EUROCAE WG-44 hosted by Boeing in Frankfurt, Germany. The group made progress on updates to DO-200B/ED-76A. The group also discussed coordinating work with SC-227 which develops standards on Required Navigational Performance and SC-228 which develops standards on Uncrewed Aircraft Systems.


Mar 30 – SC-236, Standards for Wireless Avionics Intra-Communication System (WAIC) within 4200-4400 MHz (w/ WG-96), met in a joint plenary session with EUROCAE WG-96 hosted by Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) in Amsterdam. The group approved an internal review on the MOPS for WAIC and will invite other special committees at RTCA and working groups at EUROCAE to participate in the review. The group hopes to initiate the FRAC/OC this summer.

Mar 30- 31 – SC-135, Environmental Testing, met in its first joint plenary session with EUROCAE WG-14 at Marshall Future Worx in Cambridge, UK. The group is working to enter a review cycle with the intent to publish DO-160/ED-14 Rev H in 2026.

Mar 31 – SC-159, Navigation Equipment Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) (w/ WG-62), met in Plenary with EUROCAE WG-62 at RTCA in Washington, DC. They approved three documents for FRAC release. These documents are expected to be published later this year. They insisted on including the RTCA receptionist in their group photo as she helped them celebrate two birthdays.


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