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RTCA Special Committee Recap for February 2024

March 18, 2024
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Feb 5 – SC-186 w/WG-51, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), met virtually in joint plenary with EUROCAE WG-51 and approved work on Change 1 to RTCA DO-317C/EUROCAE ED-194B. The document opened for Final Review and Comment/Open Consultation (FRAC/OC) on February 12 and will close on March 29. To review the document, please visit RTCA’s website.

Feb 6-8 – SC-230, Airborne Weather Detection Systems, met virtually to continue discussion on task “Perform Analysis and Test to Determine Susceptibility of Airborne Weather Radar Systems to Radio Frequency Interference” to include in a White Paper to be completed late this year.

Feb 8 – SC-239 w/WG-119, Low Range Radar Altimeter, was hosted at EASA in Cologne, Germany for working meetings and a plenary session. Great progress was made on creating a Minimum Operational Performance Standard for Radar Altimeters and Antennas. The internal review and comment methodology was agreed upon by the group and sections of the document will enter formal review later this month. The MOPS will be available for FRAC/OC later in 2024.

Feb 8 – SC-224, Airport Security Access Control Systems, met virtually to begin work on DO-230N – Standards for Airport Security Access Control Systems to include review of all sections. Publication is expected in mid-2025.

Feb 24 – SC-242 w/WG-124, Spectrum Compatibility, met in a joint plenary hosted by EUROCONTROL in Brussels, Belgium. The group reviewed the schedule and made great progress on both their second report and the new guidance document being developed to provide guidance on new radio frequency standards from RTCA and EUROCAE.

Feb 26-29 – SC-214 w/WG-78 Standards for Air Traffic Data Communication Services, met at the FAA Tech Center in Atlantic City, NJ, to approve DO-280B/ED-110B Change 2 for FRAC/OC, and to begin work for a new document on ATS Data Communication Verification Test Standard.

Agendas for all Plenary meetings of RTCA Special Committees and recent news from our special committees can be found at: https://www.rtca.org/committees-overview/. Please contact the program director for virtual connection information.


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