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RTCA PMC September Meeting Highlights: New Documents, Terms of Reference Changes, and More

September 28, 2023
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During its September meeting, the Program Management Committee (PMC) of RTCA conducted a comprehensive review and approval process, resulting in the endorsement of four new documents for publication and the approval of four Terms of Reference (ToR) changes. Chaired by Dr. Chris Hegarty from The MITRE Corporation, this 21-member committee plays a crucial role in ensuring aviation system interoperability, innovation, and adherence to FAA regulations. Notable discussions encompassed key topics, including:

Approved Documents:

  • DO-401 – Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Dual-Frequency Multi-Constellation Satellite-Based Augmentation System Airborne Equipment. This document supports validation for operations utilizing Dual Frequency Global Positioning System (GPS), Galileo, and Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) signals.
  • DO-404 – Minimum Aviation System Performance Standard (MASPS) on ATN-IPS End-To-End Interoperability and Certification, which provides guidelines for achieving global system interoperability in air-ground communication standards.

DO-401, DO-401 Supplement and DO-404 are available with detailed descriptions in the RTCA Store:  

  • DO-350B – Safety and Performance Requirements Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data Communication (Baseline 2 SPR Standard) Vol I & II, outlining operational, safety, and performance requirements for data communication services supporting Air Traffic Services (ATS).
  • DO-351B – Interoperability Requirements Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data Communication (Baseline 2 INTEROP Standard) Vol I & II, setting interoperability requirements for Air Traffic Service (ATR) applications supporting Baseline 2 Data Link Services.

DO-350B and DO-351B will be available soon in the RTCA Store.

Accepted Terms of Reference (ToR) Changes:

  • SC-214 – Standards for Air Traffic Data Communication Services – adjusted delivery dates for all five remaining documents.
  • SC-227 – Standards of Navigation Performance – added scope to EMD MOPS.
  • SC-223 – Internet Protocol Suite (IPR) and Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) – MASPS title change and date change for profiles suite delivery.
  • SC-230 – Airborne Weather Detection Systems – added a new deliverable concerning spectrum concerns and added co-chair.
  • SC-238 – Counter UAS Systems – Administrative change involving Government Authorized Representative (GAR) transition.
  • SC-240 – Topics on Software Advancement – combined SC-240 with Forum for Aeronautical Software and adjusted deliverables.
  • SC-242 – Spectrum Compatibility – adjusted delivery dates for three documents.

Other Items:

  • Resolved to establish a Technical Pilot Committee.
  • Presentations from the FAA and EASA regulation activity, Low Range Radar Altimeter special committee activity, and a NASA presentation on their activities associated with digital standards.
  • Further items of discussion included FCC NPRM on certain FM station power increases, documents for possible review for updating, on-going Advanced Air Mobility and Digital Flight Operations activity, and concerns of other special committees.

Mark your calendars for the next PMC meeting on December 14, 2023, where further advancements and discussions are anticipated.


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