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RTCA and EUROCAE honored by Flight Safety Foundation for contribution to international aviation

July 12, 2023
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The Richard Teller Crane Founder’s Award recognized the accomplishments of RTCA and EUROCAE in establishing the standards on which many of the technical advances in aviation have been built.

Washington/Paris July 12, 2023. RTCA and EUROCAE received yesterday the Richard Teller Crane Founder’s Award for their accomplishments in establishing the standards on which many of the technical advances in aviation have been built. The award recognizes every year an organization for sustained corporate leadership through lasting contributions to civil aviation, and this edition took place at the National Press Club in Washington.

Dr. Hassan Shahidi, Flight Safety Foundation President and CEO, said, “developing standards that are used across global aviation is a process that requires a great deal of collaboration and consensus building. RTCA and EUROCAE have demonstrated for decades how critical aviation standards can be advanced through collaboration”.

Terry McVenes, RTCA President and CEO, said, “this award underscores the commitment of RTCA and EUROCAE towards promoting a culture of international cooperation and teamwork in the creation of standards that enhance safety and efficiency in the aviation industry. We are grateful for the recognition and delighted to continue our collaborative efforts in this regard”.

Anna von Groote, EUROCAE Director General, said, “we are deeply grateful for receiving the Richard Teller Crane Founder’s Award from such an important institution as the Flight Safety Foundation. We want to also thank our members, because this recognition reflects the tireless efforts of countless individuals in advancing aviation safety through standardisation. We will continue to work jointly with RTCA on common, robust and consensus-based standards in the interest of global interoperability, international harmonisation and innovation whilst always keeping safety at the centre of our activities”.

This Award recognizes the good relationship between RTCA and EUROCAE and the strategic partnership between the two organizations.


About RTCA
RTCA, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that serves the catalyst for aviation collaboration and consensus-based modernization of the air traffic management system. RTCA and its more than 1800 aviation community volunteers develop recommendations for standards and guidance for aviation systems and equipment and policies and investment priorities for operational capabilities that improve aviation safety, capacity, and efficiency. RTCA recommendations are used by the FAA as the basis for policy, program, and regulatory decisions and by the private sector as the basis for development, investment and other business decisions.


Press contact: Ka’Nika Evans kevans@rtca.org


EUROCAE develops high-quality aviation standards, which are built upon the expertise of more than 4500 highly skilled experts nominated by EUROCAE’s 450 European and global members. EUROCAE standards are referenced by all major European and international regulators. They build upon state-of-the art expertise of its members, are fit for purpose and adopted internationally, support operations, development and regulations, and address emerging global aviation challenges.
The standards are developed by over 50 Working Groups (WGs). To enhance global harmonisation, many EUROCAE Working Groups are working in close cooperation with our partner organisations, such as RTCA or SAE.


Press contact: Yago Grela yago.grela@eurocae.net



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