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Options for FRAC Resolution

January 9, 2022
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RTCA has a rigorous process for committees to follow in order to enter and exit Final Review and Comment (FRAC). Details are available in our Special Committee Guidance document, which the Program Directors at RTCA review and refresh annually.

Some committees have asked: What happens if things don’t go as planned? RTCA is committed to following a transparent review process that allows all RTCA members as well as members of the public to provide comments and receive answers to those questions. Not all comments will be implemented in the document to be published, but all comments will be addressed by the committee. Options include (but are not limited to):

  1. The commentor withdraws the comment.
  2. The commentor and the committee come to a compromise which resolves the comment.
  3. The comment is rejected or deferred to a future release with documentation with the reason for this action.
  4. The comment leads to a change in scope to be discussed with the Program Management Committee.
    RTCA expects that all committee members work to find a compromise so all opinions can be heard and addressed. Our Committee Chairs are the best in the industry at bringing our review process to conclusion and publishing timely, comprehensive, consensus standards.

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