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New RTCA Report on Spectrum Standards

November 30, 2023
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RTCA is excited to announce the release of RR-001 entitled “Survey of the Radio Frequency (RF) Performance Standards for Aeronautical RF Systems.” A new type of publication for RTCA, reports help capture the technical environments in which our MOPS and MASPS will define requirements for functional aviation systems.

Understanding the Survey:

RTCA SC-242 and EUROCAE WG-124 collaborated on the 2022/23 survey, examining the RTCA and EUROCAE published standards for spectrum compatibility analysis with external systems. The survey results, encapsulated in RR-001, reveal significant variations in RF performance parameters across diverse systems.

Key Findings:

Even in documents with the most complete RF performance characteristics, the report highlights the essential need for manufacturer support to ensure a thorough spectrum study. RR-001 raises pertinent questions addressing both system-specific items and policy considerations crucial for future standards development.

RTCA worked jointly with EUROCAE to create RR-001 in preparation for a spectrum guidance document being developed by RTCA SC-242 and EUROCAE WG-124. The new guidance document, scheduled for publication in 2025, will use the lessons learned in creating RR-001 to identify the necessary technical requirements for responsible use of spectrum and incorporate parameters for spectrum compatibility guidance in future standards. The use of spectrum by the aviation industry is crucial to our ability to navigate the world faster and more reliably.

The RR-001 Report is now available on our online store here.

RTCA extends thanks to all individuals who contributed to the development of RR-001. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements from RTCA and our committees dedicated to supporting aviation safety and innovation.


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