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ICAO Conference Reinforces Value of RTCA Standards

October 18, 2018
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photo via https://www.icao.int/Pages/default.aspx

A White Paper presented at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 13th Air Navigation Conference reinforced the Memorandum of Cooperation that RTCA, EUROCAE, SAE, and ARINC signed in December 2017. Under the terms of the MOC, the library of RTCA documents are available to member states and panels of ICAO at no cost if used to develop, and are referenced in, ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS).

“White Paper 55 was widely praised at the conference by several member states and industry organizations, is hoped to aid in speeding the development and adoption of these documents, and hence the RTCA standards, by member states globally,” explained Al Secen, RTCA Vice President, Aviation Technology and Standards.

The ICAO ANC Conference was held the week of October 9– 12, and brings together member states and aviation stakeholders to participate in detailed technical discussions and to work towards ever-evolving global strategies for safety, focusing on the Global Aviation Safety Plan, 2020-2022 edition, and air navigation planning, development and implementation.

The ICAO Standards Roundtable, of which RTCA is a founding member, was also held during the conference, to provide the standards community an overview of activities since the last roundtable in 2017, and to discuss ways to improve the speed of the development and acceptance of SARPS, which currently can run as long as a decade.


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