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Data Alteration Becomes Easier to Navigate Thanks to New Document

June 21, 2022
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SC-217 and WG-44 tackled the pressing question of how to deal with inaccurate data coming from a state or non-cooperative party.  An example of this includes when official, state-provided outgoing information or publications are incorrect, such as an incorrect frequency of a navigation aid, or a published runway threshold.  This may be due to the use of older sources, the exact location of a runway being changed over time, an honest mistake being made, or a gross intentional error.

“Data alterations could be voluntary or involuntary or rooted in terror,” said WG-44 Chairman Stephane Dubet. “In any case, as questions of what to do have plagued the aviation community since the 1990s, we sought to work together to provide best practices guidelines, considerations, and examples to give users guidance.  In less than two years, and during a pandemic, we went from idea to resolution, creating a stand-alone product.  We did this through correspondence and one face-to-face meeting at the end.  I’m amazed by our members who gave their time, attention, and work to provide consistency in the world’s data processes.  We are more reliant on data than ever, and we realized how important this is, particularly for civil aviation throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.”

“What we originally thought would be a quick and simple document to write ended up becoming a much more complex and deliberate set of discussions,” said SC-217 Co-chair Brian Gilbert.  “While it took much more time and debate than originally planned, we were able to find consensus and ended up with a document that fills gaps in current industry guidance.  I’m very proud of the work our joint committee did.”

“Considerations for Data Alteration” will be presented to PMC for publication on June 23.

SC-217 and WG-44 are continuing their work and would welcome additional participation. Please visit to read the TOR and agendas for upcoming meetings


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