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Committee Roundup for RTCA Special Committees October 2022

November 21, 2022
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Oct 7 – SC-228 w/WG-105, Minimum Performance Standards for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, met at RTCA to hear updates from each of the working groups and discussed changes in UAS terminology. The committee approved a white paper on Vehicle to Vehicle Communications. It will be presented to the PMC for approval in December.

Oct 11-14 – SC-240 w/WG-117, Topics on Software Advancement, met in plenary at RTCA in Washington, DC. SC-240 works jointly with EUROCAE WG-117 in two subgroups. SG-1 is writing a software standard for use in lower risk applications. SG-2 is writing a supplement to DO-178C/ED-12C and DO-278B/ED-109B on the use of COTS and Open Source. SG-2 hopes to close out their internal comments and consider if the document is ready for Open Consultation/Final Review and comment in 2023.

OCT 17-21 – SC-216 w/WG-72, Aeronautical Systems Security, met in plenary at EUROCAE, St Denis, France.  They began work on four new documents that are all expected to be published in 2024.

Oct 20 – SC-135, Environmental Test, met in plenary at RTCA in Washington, DC. The plenary session will disposition change proposals against the next revisions of DO-160() and DO-357(). The timeline for publication and the Terms of Reference updated at this plenary session and will be discussed at the PMC in December. The group will meet with their EUROCAE joint committee, WG-14, in March 2023.

OCT 28 – SC-159 w/WG-62, Navigation Equipment Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), met in plenary at RTCA in Washington, DC.  They continued work on their joint DPMC SBAS Receiver MOPS, as well as SC-159’s five other documents.

Agendas for all Plenary meetings of RTCA Special Committees and recent news from our special committees can be found at: https://www.rtca.org/committees-overview/ Documents available for public comment as part of the FRAC process can be found at https://www.rtca.org/committees-overview/documents-under-review/


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