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Addressing Future Spectrum Compatibility for Aviation

July 18, 2022
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In a recent RTCA webinar, panelists from FAA, Aviation Spectrum Resources, Garmin and ALPA discussed how the rapidly changing wireless spectrum environment has created a challenge for aviation standards designed to meet all performance requirements under known and stable conditions. Aviation has now seen several cases where changes in adjacent band approved operations has caused serious concern about the continued performance of aviation systems.

The challenge is being addressed in a new joint committee with EUROCAE.  The new committee’s main goal is preventing future disruptions to aviation use of radios in the approved aviation spectrum bands.  During the webinar, the chair of the new committee, SC-242 / WG-124, Ed Hahn of the Air Line Pilots Association, shared the two main taskings of the joint group:

1. RF Performance of Aeronautical Standardized RF Systems

2. Spectrum Guidance for the Developers of Standards for Aviation Wireless Systems

In the webinar, Ed Hahn was joined by moderator Andrew Roy from Aviation Spectrum Resources, Michael Weiler from FAA, and Clay Barber from Garmin (Secretary of SC-242) to discuss topics including global allocation of spectrum to allow for uninterrupted movement of aircraft, the need for data in the promotion and protection of aviation spectrum, and steps aviation is taking to ensure that aviation standards evolve to remain aligned with spectrum regulations and uses in the future.  To view full webinar, click here.

Interested in joining the work of SC-242? Please visit www.rtca.org/SC-242/ for more information about the committee.


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