SC-228, Minimum Performance Standards for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, established May 20, 2013, is working to develop the Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for DAA equipment and a Command and Control (C2) Data Link MOPS establishing L-Band and C-Band solutions. The initial phase of standards development focused on civil UAS equipped to operate into Class A airspace under IFR flight rules. The Operational Environment for the MOPS is the transitioning of a UAS to and from Class A or special use airspace, traversing Class D and E, and perhaps Class G airspace. The committee published the first of the Phase 1 documents in September of 2016 with the release of DO-362, Command and Control (C2) Data Link Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) (Terrestrial). Phase 2 of MOPS development is underway to specify DAA equipment to support extended UAS operations in Class D, E, and perhaps G, airspace. And Satellite-based C2. White papers describing Phase 2 activities will be delivered in the summer of 2017.



Co-Chair John Moore Collins Aerospace
Co-Chair Brandon Suarez General Atomics Company
Government Authorized Representative Steve Van Trees Federal Aviation Administration
Secretary Christina Westover Boeing Commerical Airplanes
Program Director Al Secen RTCA, Inc.


General Information

Terms of  Reference June 11, 2020
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Recently Completed Documents

DO-381 MOPS for Ground-based Surveillance System (GBSS) for Traffic Surveillance March 2020
DO-365A MOPS for Detect and Avoid (DAA) Systems March 2020
 DO-377 C2 Link Systems MASPS March 2019



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