The RTCA Staff is committed to supporting RTCA members, volunteers and customers from throughout the aviation community.



image of Terry McVenes

Terry McVenes
President and CEO


 Terry joined RTCA in late 2018 as President and CEO after spending a decade at The Boeing Company, where he held the position of Director of System Safety and Regulatory Affairs. He has a long history with aviation standards, as he has served as a member and industry co-chair of the FAA Voluntary Aviation Safety Information Sharing (VASIS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee. He’s been an aviator with multiple type-ratings and over 17,000 flight hours over the past 30 years.  He has been a Board Member of Flight Safety Foundation with the Board of Governors, and a Board Member of the SKYbrary Supervisory Board


Marcelle Forrest
Executive Coordinator


Brett Eastham
Vice President, Business Operations


Brett is an experienced leader in finance, new business development, and data-driven performance management. Before joining RTCA he spent 5 years as Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Business Development at the Flight Safety Foundation. Brett is responsible for leading RTCA’s finance, contracts, and human resources functions, as well as overseeing membership, marketing, and communications strategy. He also serves as the Secretary for the RTCA Board of Directors.

image of Brenda Stepney

Brenda Stepney
Office Administrator/Receptionist

 Brenda Stepney joined RTCA in August of 2018 as the Office Administrator. Managing the front desk, she greets visitors and directs callers to the appropriate personnel within the organization and is the direct contact for Document Sales. Brenda undertakes all administrative tasks and ensures the staff has adequate support to work efficiently. She brings several years of administrative experience to RTCA. 

image of Al Secen

Al Secen
VP, Aviation Technology and Standards


Al Secen oversees the Program Directors who manage the Special Committees developing the concepts, standards and guidance materials for aviation, and provides leadership to RTCA committees engaged in technical and policy aspects of UASs. He represents RTCA on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) panels and assemblies and develop strategies for relevant ground aviation automation systems. Al works closely with RTCA’s President, on Outreach for the organization, developing strategies for incorporating sound cyber-security principles into standards and guidance documents. 

image of Karan Hofmann

Karan Hofmann
Program Director


Karan Hofmann has been a Program Director at RTCA since November 2014. She guides RTCA Special Committee and Working Group Members through consensus-driven process to develop minimum performance requirements, affecting aviation community concepts, requirements, standards and guidance materials. Karan is a retired U.S. Air Force Weather officer. She helped design and integrate multimillion dollar weather systems for both military and civil used by USAF, Navy, NWS, and the FAA.  In the private sector, Karan has led R&D and transition of transportation, meteorology and logistics modeling & visualization capabilities.   She is an instrument certified single engine private pilot with over 1,500 hours. She has an MS in Aviation Management (Embry Riddle University), BS in Meteorology (Pennsylvania State University), and BS in Geology (University of Maryland).   

image of Rebecca Morrison

Rebecca Morrison
Program Director


Rebecca Morrison has been a Program Director at RTCA since June 2016. She handles a variety of committees ranging from the group creating procedures for Environmental Test to the Forum for Aeronautical Software. All of Rebecca’s activities include working jointly with EUROCAE on technically equivalent international aviation standards. Prior to joining RTCA, she worked for over 10 years in industry on both military and civilian platform systems engineering projects. She holds a MSEE from Texas A&M University, a BSEE from Rutgers University and a BA from Purdue University.

image of Ka'Nika Evans

Ka'Nika Evans
Meeting Planner and Communications Coordinator


Ka’Nika provides administrative support to the Committees and facilitates the attainment of quality and compliance in RTCA products and services. She is RTCA’s training coordinator and manages our external communications, i.e. RTCA Website, Digest, and Workspace management.  Prior to joining RTCA, Ka’Nika worked for over 10 years at a consulting firm as a Facilities Office Services Administrator.