Recently Released Documents

RTCA produces minimum performance standards and guidance materials that are requested by the FAA and become a partial basis of FAA regulations for aviation systems and equipage. They are produced by committees of volunteers representing the interested and relevant stakeholders. 

Document Number Document Name Published by Issue Date
DO-372 Addressing Human Factors/Pilot Interface Issues for Avionics SC-233 12/19/2017
DO-371 Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards (MASPS) for Aircraft State Awareness Synthetic Vision Systems SC-213 01/09/2018
DO-370 Guidelines for in Situ Eddy Dissipation Rate (EDRI) Algorithm Performance SC-206 12/19/2017
DO-370 Supplement Algorithm Inputs SC-206 12/19/2017
DO-311A Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and Battery Systems SC-225 12/19/2017
DO-230H Standards for Airport Security Access Control Systems SC-224 12/19/2017



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