2018 Agenda Topics

NextGen in the Northeast Corridor: Let's Do This!

One-on-One Debates: Breaking the Barriers to NextGen

National Academies Report Recommendations: Assessing Risk of Drones Integration

Integrating Drones into the Airspace: What's Next

One-on-One Debates: Breaking the Barriers to UAS Integration

Aviation as Essential Infrastructure: What Would You Do with an Extra $XB?

What's Happening in the Autonomous Automobile World?

NextGen Success Stories: Measurable Benefits

FAA's NextGen Plans

Phase 2 Performance Standards for Detect and Avoid, and Command & Control for UAS

Moving Civil Aviation Authorities to Risk-based Regulations: A conversation with Mark Swan, UK CAA


Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) - No Gaps, No Overlaps: A Look at Coordination Across SDOs

Drones Making the World Better: Highlighting Cool Applications and Integrated Pilot Projects

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