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User Guide

This user guide is for current RTCA member companies which have been integrated into the
new document access portal.

Logging into the RTCA Community Hub/Store

Already have an account?

Log In to Community Hub/RTCA Store Account

Don’t yet have an account?

Create your account

Choose Don’t have an Account?  After creating your account, choose Link to My Company.  Select your company.

Accessing Your Company Library

Once your company has been integrated into the new document access portal, you’ll see My Company Library on the left side menu.

Ordering Documents

  1. Before visiting the Store (link is on the upper right of the Community Hub site), you may want to visit My Company Library to determine if the document you need has already been ordered by someone else at your company.
  2. If the document you need is not in your library, please visit the Store to place your order.
  3. Please allow up to 5 minutes for your document to appear in your Company Library; refresh your browser if necessary.

Locating Documents

There are two ways to organize and find documents.

Latest Version Tag

  1. Click the green tag icon and select Latest Version.  The latest versions of the documents will appear in your library.
  2. To exit the filtering and view all documents in your library, click on the green tag icon again and select “No Filtering”.

Search Function

  1. Enter a DO number or key words into the search field.  The search function works on document titles as well as text within the document.
  2. To exit the search, remove the information in the search field.

Document Viewing and Download Options

On a PC or Mac, users have the option to view RTCA Documents in Web Viewer or PDF formats.  If accessing the documents from a mobile device including an iPad, only the Web Viewer format will be available.

Web Viewer Format

To open the document, click on the document thumbnail.

PDF Format

If you’d like to open the PDF version, the “Enable Global Security Object” setting in Adobe will need to remain unchecked while you are accessing and working in the document.

  1. Navigate to your Adobe PDF application.
  2. Navigate to View/Tools/JavaScript or Edit/Preferences/JavaScript Security.
  3. Uncheck “Enable Global Security Object”

To open the document in Adobe:

  1. Click the download arrow in the upper right corner of the document thumbnail.
  2. After clicking the download arrow, navigate to your downloads folder to open the document.  If you attempt to open the document from the download box that appears in the browser, the document may open in the browser and not in Adobe Acrobat.  NOTE: Depending upon your settings and the browser you are using, it may be possible to open the document in Adobe from the download box.
  3. To access the PDF version of the document(s) click on the document thumbnail to open the web viewer and access the “Download protected file” link from the menu in the top right corner.

Document Functionality

Printing Documents

Printing one copy of an RTCA electronic document is allowable according to RTCA’s Electronic License Agreement.

Making and Saving Annotations

Web Viewer format

  1. Under Annotate, click the T symbol (notes) on the Left sidebar.
  2. Annotations will save to your version of the document only, not to the company library version.

PDF Format

  1. Click Comment in upper right corner.  Select the T symbol for Text Comment.
  2. If you save a PDF to your machine, the annotations will be saved with the document.

Offline Access

Offline access is available (for a limited time) to allow you to access a document in a meeting or while traveling.

User Guide PDF with Screen Shots
User Guide


If you receive a notification upon opening the document that the document has expired or is locked, or that your account is not found, the main reasons for lack of access are:

  1. You have exceeded the device limit for the document.  Please only open the document on 1 device.
  2. Your company account has lapsed.
  3. Your individual account may have been deactivated or frozen.

If you have exceeded your annual document download limit, please contact RTCA Membership for additional document purchase options.


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