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Varun Khanna

37-year career in the aviation industry working state of the art projects and programs with Computer Science and an EE background.

12 Years Working for Boeing as a Software Engineer, DER S, Have worked all current productions airplanes (except the Max). Developed Simulations, Fly By Wire systems (7J7, 777, 787) Avionics, Displays, Com Nav and Airdata systems (747,757,767,737 classic and 737 Next gen. Spent a couple of years in Rochester England for Boeing overseeing 777 PFC (fly by wire) at GEC Marconi (now BAE Systems) early 90’s

Joined FAA in 1996 (SACO) as ASE software. Instructor for Software Job function course at the Academy. Worked several programs/projects. Next Gen, 787, host of STC’s.

Moved to Transport Standard Staff 2007 writing policy and guidance. Worked Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Gulfstream, projects/programs as Software, cyber security and AEH SME.

Currently Cyber Security SME for large transports. DFO/GAR for RTCA 216. Participation since 2010. Special Condition for Security SME. FAA Cyber rule making/AC focal. Representative/observer at the European Strategic Platform group defining future rule making and direction. Cyber policy development.

Private Pilot SEL.

Interests; Boating, Fishing, RVing and Renewable solar energy projects.


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