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Photo of Robert Ireland, Treasurer

Robert Ireland, Treasurer

Bob Ireland joined A4A in 2012 and was named Vice President Safety, Maintenance and Engineering in 2022. He coordinates critical interfaces between the member airlines and an array of government and industry entities. For A4A member airlines he directs and manages the technical activities at A4A in the areas of flight safety and aircraft/power plant engineering and maintenance, providing coordination for technical issues, regulatory comment consolidation, and management of the Engineering Maintenance and Materiel Council (EMMC), the Safety Council, and their respective committees. He was a member of the RTCA Program Management Committee from 2013 to 2023.

Ireland served United Airlines from 1981-2011, originally as a staff engineer and leading their participation in the development of industry-standard wind shear training techniques teaming with Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed and NCAR. He held a variety of positions including Factory Representative at Boeing, leading the delivery team for 200 new aircraft, and was responsible for $450 million in cabin equipment upgrades for the international fleet. Leading engineering services in United’s maintenance organization at San Francisco, he was responsible for technical data management, maintenance records, engineering standards, and the aircraft delivery activities at Boeing and Airbus. From 1999 until his retirement from United in 2011, Mr. Ireland was Managing Director of Flight Training Center Services in Denver, overseeing flight simulator engineering and maintenance as well as all facility functions.

Mr. Ireland has been an active SAE International volunteer for over three decades, serving multiple terms on the Board of Directors, and other ancillary roles.

Ireland earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Princeton University, majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Secondary Education, and remains an active alumni volunteer.


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