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Patrick Morrissey

Patrick Morrissey is a Sr. Technical Fellow at Collins Aerospace in the Commercial Avionics organization.  Morrissey holds an M.S. in Information Assurance and Computer Engineering, a B.S. in Systems Engineering, a Master’s Certificate in Systems Engineering and Architecting, and five patents for defensive security technologies.  Morrissey has worked in cyber security and information assurance for 30 years across engineering and information technology organizations supporting operational security as well as the development of secure products for both the government and commercial sectors.   In his tenure he has participated on multiple advisory councils (such as the FAA Aviation Rule Advisory Committee (ARAC) on Aircraft System Information Security Protection (ASISP), and RTCA SC-216) helping support the development of cyber security regulations and standards alongside the FAA, EASA, and major OEMs in the industry.  He supports industry advancement through security committees within the International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA) and Aerospace Industries Association, is helping define the next generation digital architecture for aviation as a member of the ICAO Trusted Framework Study Group (TSFG), and assists with government & industry risk assessment collaboration though the Cyber-Safety Commercial Aviation Team’s steering committee (CS-CAT).  Morrissey currently serves as a co-chair for the RTCA SC-216 Aeronautical Information Systems Security committee supporting the development of the cybersecurity standards which provide the means of compliance for cybersecurity certification of Airborne systems.


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