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March Training Course

Photo of Noureddin “Nouri” Ghazavi

Noureddin “Nouri” Ghazavi

Nouri Ghazavi is a Systems Engineer at the FAA’s NextGen Technology Development and Prototyping Division. Holding a Master of Science in Information Technology from the University of Maryland and Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from The George Washington University, he brings a strong focus on the development of new concepts and technologies and is at the forefront of multiple research efforts. Nouri’s expertise lies in the field of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), where he has spearheaded the development and publication of the UAM Coordinated Concept of Operations under the FAA blueprint for Air Taxis. His contributions extend to Connected Aircraft Concepts and the development of prototype applications to enable exchange and management information to support the Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) environment. Prior to joining the NextGen office, he supported the agency’s Terminal Automation Modernization Replacement (TAMR) and Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM) programs during multiple acquisition phases, from requirements and enterprise architecture development to contract evaluation.


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