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Photo of Dr. Ratan Khatwa

Dr. Ratan Khatwa

Dr. Ratan Khatwa is lead strategist and designer at the Boeing Company.  Ratan has held previous positions with Honeywell, the Royal Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) and Rockwell Collins.

He has made significant contributions to the development of advanced flight deck systems Including EGPWS, RDR 4000/7000 Weather Radar, Auto Pilot Coupled TCAS, Cockpit Display of Traffic Information, Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System, RAAS, Navigation Displays, Airport Moving Maps, Uplinked Weather, Synthetic Vision Systems, Touch Screens, Cursor Control Devices, etc. Ratan was a key member of the integrated flight deck systems team for the recent development of aircraft such as Embraer E2, Gulfstream G500, Pilatus PC 24, and various avionics upgrade programs on aircraft such as such as the Airbus 310, Pilatus PC 12, Gulfstream G650 and the Leonardo AW 139.

Ratan has played a key role in leading global initiatives to define flight deck standards and shape flight safety priorities to benefit the entire industry. He is Chairman of the GAMA Flight Deck Human Factors Design & Certification Working Group, past Chairman Flight Deck Design & Certification Sub-group of EASA’s Human Factors Collaborative Analysis Group, and is a member of the Flight Safety Foundation’s International Advisory Committee.

Ratan holds a Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


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