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Brenda Ocker

Brenda Ocker is the manager of the Avionics Software & Components Unit (AIR-626D) in the Policy and Standards Division of the FAA Aircraft Certification Service. AIR-626D is responsible for FAA policy related to: software, airborne electronic hardware, AI and machine learning, aircraft systems information security protection, HIRF and lightning protection, and TSO support including deviations.

Brenda has a wide range of experience in both certification and policy over her 25+ years with the FAA. She began in the Chicago Aircraft Certification Office as an Aerospace Engineer in the Systems and Flight Test Branch and then as a Technical Specialist for Airborne Software and Electronic Hardware. In 2017, she moved to the Technical Policy Branch to support the FAA software streamlining initiative and work with industry, EASA, and other authorities to address emerging software and AEH issues. Brenda has a BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois. Her industry experience includes working as a systems engineer for Hughes Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ and as a flight simulation software developer for BAO Ltd in Champaign, IL.




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