Driven by a shared desire to improve the nation’s air transportation system, volunteers facilitate extensive scrutiny and evaluation of all options and work to forge agreement and make the tough choices required to produce performance standards and policy recommendations. Their dedication, commitment, and drive for results are played out repeatedly and with clarity of mission every week of the year.

Since our inception, RTCA committees have provided advice on a wide range of issues, from operational concepts for air traffic control, to detailed performance standards for airborne equipment; from guidelines on security for airports, to use of portable electronic devices onboard aircraft; from projections of future radio frequency requirements, to recommended investment priorities for air transportation system modernization and the means to measure implementation.

In support of our volunteers, RTCA is continually preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, even as we streamline and accelerate the collaboration and consensus process so vital to keeping pace with increasing time constraints and technology’s ceaseless advance.

RTCA brings people together to find solutions to the complex challenges facing the aviation industry. The solutions take the form of advice on policies, tactical operational enhancements, and technical performance standards. Since the advice is routinely adopted by the FAA, the volunteers who devote time and energy to our committees see their efforts pay off in a safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly air transportation system.