Terry McVenes, President & CEO


It is an honor and a great privilege to serve as the new President and CEO of RTCA. Our organization was established in 1935 to provide leadership for government and industry, bring them together, and find solutions to complex technology issues that were facing the aviation industry. We published our first standard in 1937 for the design and development of anti-static antennas, and since then, RTCA has provided the foundation for virtually every modern technical advancement in aviation.

Today our mission continues: to inspire the creation and implementation of integrated performance standards that meet the changing global aviation environment and ensure the safety, security, and overall health of the aviation eco-system. With a focus on collective decision-making and consensus building, we are dedicated in continuing to serve the aviation community with distinction and effectiveness.

RTCA strengths are rooted in its people; our professional staff and the more than 550-member organizations from across the world representing industry, government, professional associations, and academia. My goal is to continue to build on RTCA’s core strengths as a standards development organization, coupled with identifying new opportunities where those strengths can be deployed in a rapidly changing aviation environment

Like any organization, it is imperative that we continue to position RTCA for future success, vitality and relevancy. We will do this by providing industry leadership and value to our members, stakeholders, and the global aviation environment through early and purposeful engagement that prepares government and industry for future technology development and implementation.